Construction by destruction

Pushing the status quo and the “well that’s the way we do things” should be attacked at all times.  If there is one thing you do at work,  you should be trying to break the strangle hold on status quo.  If you are an online worker and you aren’t trying to destroy what you did last year, you aren’t trying. 

The internet or technology is a fairly unregulated market (aside from the cartels running the access side)
There aren’t any unions, there are no factories and a two man shop can take down a giant company.  It is the ultimate survival of the fittest market with lots of parallels to natural history.  Things are made extinct quickly and swiftly. 
Online building or contructing nearly always destroys something else.  It is a wonder! Contruction by destruction.  One site grows while another fades, one species adapts while another stagnates.  The examples are endless.  AOL verses the web, Friendster verses MySpace verses Facebook, Yahoo verses Google,Microsoft verses IBM, bloggers verses newspapers and on ad nausem.  In each case something new and  contructive, destroyed something old or slow moving.

This is how we all have to be as workers.  Never stop trying to construct a better solution, a faster node or anything.  Look past your current role and define what would destroy your job by contructing your next role.

To quote Woody Allen, a digital company is like a shark, and has to keep moving to breath.  When it stops moving you have a dead shark.  You don’t want to have a dead shark on your hands.

Disruptions, construction and destruction – keywords to live by.

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