Rise up smart-ass underachievers, your time is now!

Hopefully from this blog you’ve learned a couple of things:
1. Disruption is good.
2. Status quo is bad
3. I am a disruptive person who challenges the status quo.

I was also a wild underachiever most of my life.  I rarely got good grades in school, disrupted class and generally made teachers lives a living hell.  I think it was because I wanted to shake it up.  Trouble was more interesting than the status quo of being quiet and taking notes.  I also liked to challenge the teachers. How the hell did they know what they knew?  Are they really all that smart?  I guessed no. 

How is this your time?  Well,  do’gooders from High School are none trouble makers.  Sure, they may be able to manage projects by the book or take the standard path to the solutions but is that what’s needed?
Here is where your smartasses come in – us jerks, trouble makers and disruptors see the weakspots in the process, see the solutions and bring jerkiness to process.  Our nature is to disobey order and get there our own way.  In todays work people who question what is standard have value.  They have to be dealt with because they have answers to problems.
Now, sure – I could get fired.  Yes trouble makers can get fired.  But the hope is that ones disruptive tendencies bring value.  Be disruptive, but always add value.  And hey, if you get fired, it means you were in the wrong job for you any way.

Congradulations jerks!  You’re in the front row now!

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