Ship it! Facebook optimization and yer Mama!

Throwing down some quick hit non-sequitors in an effort to ship it! with the old blog.

– Ship it!  Get the code out today that you can wait until tomorrow to perfect.  I’m not saying ship broken shit, but get something out there.  Robert Moses was a jerk but he got stuff done by putting stakes in the ground!

– Sharing is all the rage, but is your site sharing nicely?
Check out Facebooks default shared data and make sure your site is appearing the way you want it to. 
Make full use of your meta data and default share images.  Some one said this, Justin Smith of I think,  news feed optimization is the new SEO.  Do it now!

– Oh and yer mama!  No seriously!  Its Mothers Day this weekend so don’t forget your mothers this weekend.

Signing off from the 6, Uptown

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