8 Websites You (Really Do) Need to Stop Building

8 Websites You (Really Do) Need to Stop Building

The Oatmeal is running a comic today that cuts at the core of the social web: entrepreneurs in love with their unoriginal ideas. Titled “8 Websites You Need to Stop Building,” Matthew Inman skewers “Websites that let me know what my friends are up to,” “Websites whose sole purpose is to share things” and social media blogs. And while he’s at it, Inman gets in some cheap shots at Flash intros and Web 2.0 design cliches. His basic point is: You know your genius idea that’s just a slight twist on what came before? The world doesn’t need it.

As usual for The Oatmeal, the real gems are in the zany examples and perfect details, so click through to read the whole thing. I kinda want to make the comic my autoreply, but I’m not sure my heart is quite that cold.

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