Get over yourself! Why I don’t worry about privacy.

Privacy is being redefined on a nearly daily basis.  From simply being online, to comments, to chat and now with Facebook.  We’re in a constant movement towards being less private. 

At this point, if you want to live online, you have to give up your privacy.  Digital storage continues to get larger and larger with Moore’s Law driving and there simply is no reason to delete anything digital.  There is so much data stored on each daily webizen that we can’t even comprehend how much there is.

Privacy issues are touchy because of humans natural self-centeredness.  Folks thing “they have MY information”. Yes. Yes they do but they also have many billions of peoples information!  You simply aren’t that important.  Your INDIVIDUAL information is 1. Not that interesting, 2. Not that useful and 3. Not that relevant.

Data collected becomes relevant when it is at scale.  Companies want your data so they can see big swaths of trends. Ten 18-34 year olds data do mean a hell of a lot but ten million 18-34 year olds data represent something of value.

Stop being self consumed, relax and take a little stress out of your life.  Your privacy has changed and companies know more about you than they used to.  Its ok.  You aren’t that important to them.

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