Go big or go small, but don’t go for the middle.

Inspired by Fred Wilson’s post on the middle ground of privacy I thought about the middle ground on just about everything.  Aiming for the middle is death.  Unless you get to the middle while you are progressing upwards,  the middle blows.  

In sports the middle teams get eliminated in the playoffs. The Utah Jazz, the New York Mets are teams in the middle…sorta there but never really there.

In business the middle makes you The Gap – who goes to the Gap anymore? The Gap was hip 20 years ago and now the people who go there where mom jeans…

On the internet the middle makes you AOL.  Not relevant, all the bureaucracy of a big company,  and none of the quickness of a start-up.  Blech…

There is a reason that the word Middling is a negative word.  Stay out of the middle.  Go big,  go small or go home.

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