Just what we need more NYU real estate.

This is going be a doom and gloom “you member” post. Sorry, its just what long time New Yorkers do.  NYU is the most guilty of causing soul destruction.  They grab real estate and slap together generic ugly looking edifices. 
The latest is taking over the prime Broadway location of the Old Nobody Beats the Wiz and Unique Warehouse.  Unique was the best! It was a giant second handish clothing store.  You could find hip second hand clothes and just browse for what seemed like hours.  So central was the location that it was the de-facto meeting place for the latin club kids from uptown. 
In something that was almost reminensent of the Zootsuites, club kids with their funky unique (not because of the store) look milled out front of Unique handing out flyers for the latest club.
Being in my early teens at that time it was just wonderous.  Everything was new and the look of those kids was absurd and wonderful.
NYU is going to sterilize that memory for me with another purple and white exclusionary building that the general public can’t use.
Universities are on of the forgotton causes of blight, their buildings are used only by their students, during the school year, by people who are transient.
In downtown Manhattan you have a whole district of buildings not in use at night that no one has any bond to.   Think about it,  walk around Washington Square Park in the evening in the Summer – dead huh? NYU.

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