In a rut because writing hurts my face.

Writing has never ever come easy for me.  This is as true today as it
was in Susan Solars class in first grade.  Fundamentally the issue for
me is that my brain is thinking and processing faster than my hands
can go.  What happens for me is goobly gook writing comes out and I
sound like a moron.   As a kid it came out in the form of terrible
hand writing with missing words.  As an adult it’s a bit more of the
same, except now,  I am missing words and everything is spelled write
due to spell check.  Same results. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to have good ideas,  real ones, that are concrete in my brain that come out in the written word like some over caffeinated high school kid from the local public
housing project.   I know all the writing tenets I am supposed to do –
read your work over,  read it aloud etc.  Well,  shit I DON’T WANT TO!
I want to be able to say what I want,  the way I want to and have it
make sense.  Unfortunately,  typing doesn’t do that for me. 

My writing and typing ability hold me back from being more and it
drives me nuts.  I couldn’t be more discouraged sometimes after I read
something back that I wrote that is drivelous. (I know it’s a fact
word,  but I like it)   I’m so envious of folks who can sit down and
bang it out, bang it out at speed and type like there hands on
amphetamines.  Damn you 80 words per minute typers… damn you all.

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