3 surefire ways you know your at a losing company

I am very confident that I have some experience with this.  Working at 6degrees.com, smallworld.com and sportingnews.com has taught me a few things.
Here we go with the 3 signs your company is in trouble:

1. Consistant shuffling of personal.
If you change CEO’s, CIO’s, EVP’s and VP’s as often as you buy new shirts, you are likely on a sinking ship.  Do yourself a favor, buy shirts for interviews.

2. Consistant shuffling of strategy and alighments.
Number 2 goes with number 1, just like in the bathroom.  Changing people leads to changing strategies and lack of cohesive direction.  This year it’s page views, in six months it’s units sold then unique visitors and finally back to page views – sound familiar?

3. Apathy, anger and alienation.
When people don’t care, are pissed off and feel like people don’t care if they show up to work, you know you are in deep.   Call AAA and take me away (oh snap!)

What are your signs of work disaster?

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