Shipping it and shipping it well – Juntosworldwide is live

A boyhood and dearestest friend launched his new website today, It has been a passion of his and he’s been hammering on the idea for months.  With help from friends, co-workers and a little cash – he has shipped his baby.
I could not be prouder of him nor can I deny my little help piece of the action.  It’s great to see passionate people get there ideas shipped because you know, they will never give up.  It will never be about, metrics, quarterly reports or office politiking.  For one man it will be about where he lives, how he lives and how many people he can take on his journey. 
If you want to learn about East Harlem, El Barrio and the latin community of the far upper east side, will be your destination.
Its a great day – way to got Rodney Mendez

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