Sad corporate culture examples.

We’re all looking for authentic experiences.  Our lives are innundated
with phoniness.  Impersonal advertising, impersonal brand interactions
and wooden chain restaurant “thank you, come again’s”
The worst of these offenses comes from our corporate manufactured
events. Sure, we know you are supposed to do it, but don’t bother when
it’s insensere. Just comes off as hokey and leaves you open for
ridicule. If you do these things you’re a phony:

1. Encourage everyone to sign up for a corporate sport event, have the
CEO and VP’s visibly register then at the end of the race at your
reception tent have none of your executives be there. 2. Talk about and encourage team spirit, yet never act as a team.
Have all your email end in “go team”’ change email addresses to then leak emails that the bottom 10% of the company could
have their salaries cut.

People want authentic experiences in everything they do. That should
not end at the work place. Take the time, know your employees, stick
around to congradulate them. The one hour you give today, could give
you a year of great work.

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