3 things the World Cup taught me about work.

The World Cup has served up its share of surprises and things we expected. I thought how can we apply the things we’re seeing on the pitch to how we live day to day.

– Organization and single purpose can sometimes trump superior talent
Watching New Zealand draw with Italy and Switzerland beat Spain showed us that teams with organization and single purpose can outshine and outperform overwhelming talent.  We see this at work with specialty shops and local hardware stores sticking around in the face of Home Depot. 

– Focus on the process and not always the results.
The USA soccer team is a great example of a team focusing on the fact that they were doing the right things, the right way and not always getting the results. Be it the referree’s or the crossbar the results were not there.  The US focused on process and in the long run those paid off. 
At work and in business we see this with companies that have long term vision and don’t focus on what is happening that out of their control.  Amazon comes to mind. Not paniking and staying the course with Kindle software. Focus on their proceess of handling digital assets and selling them,

– Seize opportunaties as they are presented.
In countless matches the difference between winning and losing is converting on opportunaties as they come up.  If you do not convert your chances into goals you will miss you chance.
I think of Zynga and Huffington Post. They both saw opportunaties, were summarily criticized as flashes in the pan, and hammered the point home.  Zynga jumped at gaming on Facebook and HuffPo jumped on bloggers and jumped at the ecosystems that social networks were pumping out.

Keep watching and keep thinking.  Ideas and inspiration come from anywhere and analogies can be found everywhere.

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