Skills you need #29 – Public Speaking.

I’m on my yearly migration to Seattle for the casual game industries
Casual Connect conference. I attend sessions on the latest and
greatest games, gather market intelligence and just generally spy on
the games industry.
During the sessions I am relying people to speak well to help me
understand the industry.
Sadly, most people can’t speak well. They speak in a monotone, say
“like, umm, you know all or basically” all the time. They stand
still, they don’t take up the stage and are generally boring. By not
working on their public speaking, they are sabotaging their
One of the greatest pieces of advice I received was from my own boss,
he required that as a goal I take a public speaking class.
It was the best 8 hour class I have ever taken. I became away of my
speaking tics, my pausing words and all my umm, likes and you knows.
I learned to speak with my BIGGEST voice and utilize my body to convey
So, if you are at a conference or are about to speak at a conference,
do yourself a favor, learn how to speak publicly. Work at it. Take
the time. You will come off as more professional, more polished and
will likely convince or convert your audience over to whatever you
need them to understand.

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