Is it Magic? Things that don’t happen because of Magic

I’ve been on a blogging hiatus as I have been reading more on the train (as posted earlier, all my blog posts are authored on the NYC subway) Anyway, I’m back.
I was speaking with my wife the other night and we got into our playful mode where I start singing silly songs.  I got into a diddy called “Its not magic when…"  I had a few funny verses like Its not magic when you have a baby or its not magic when get go to the bathroom and other such nonesense. 
It got me thinking about work and self improvement and inspired this post.  Without further ado..

Its not magic starts a blog for you.
Its not magic when you lose weight
Its not magic when get a better job
Its not magic when work out.
Its not magic when make a new friend.
Its not magic when you overcome fear.
Its not magic when you come up with a new idea.
Its not magic when change happens.
Its not magic when you go back to school.
Its not magic when you confront your jerk boss.
Its not magic when you get a raise.
Its not magic when you receive praise.
Its not magic that cleans the dishes.
Its not magic that cleans your house.
Its not magic that does the laundry
Its not magic that writes new blog posts.
Its not magic when things are shipped.
And on and on…. we, each one of us have to make things happen. We’re the magicians that make action happen in our lives.  There is no magic that is going to make things change in your life.  Only the magic of action can improve, clean, confront or generate the praise we all want.
Can you think of other things that aren’t magic?

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