Random things I’ve thought about lately

Sometimes I don’t have a whole blog post thought out.  Maybe its just a snippet of an idea or a funny phrase.  Here are a few:

-If it looks like a good place to do drugs or have sex the cops probably noticed that too.

-When there is a regime change (work or government) and you are an incunbant, its a good time to look for a new job.

-If you’ve thought of it, chances are someone else has. In fact book it.

-Reading history books will reinforce the cliche “the more things change, the more they stay the same”

-See the world.  Where you are is not the only place in the world ever.

-Also know that people have been really smart for a really long time.  You don’t know everything and some have forgot more thab you know.

-Never swing at the 3-0 fastball, unless you think the pitcher is taking for granted you always take it. Then you should hammer it.

– Do stuff! Nothing ever happens while waiting,  Read, write, rest. But don’t do nothing.

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By Laurent Courtines

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