Move fast because you might miss it

I’m going to kick it old school and say something about the information superhighway. Yeah, that term from 1995 is waay more applicable now.  The information superhighway of ‘97 is a rough footpath today.  Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, said that we generate more data in one day that we did in all of 2003. Whaaat?!? That is insane!
This is my round about way of getting to my point.  With information growing, moving and spreading that fast, companies and workers have to move fast to seize opportunities.  Cutting edge companies in 2004 are old hat in 2010.  Companies started 2007 are now more valuable than the New York Times.  (I am refering to Flickr from 2004 and Zynga from 2007) When you see something you have to jump in feet first and get dirty.  Pick a strategy and do it,  The time for talking is after doing.  When you are excecuting, measure and adjust.  To steal from Brian Reynolds of Zynga apply to psi/rsi method of development (that’s Put shit in/Rip shit out. )  I work in an evironment of glacial development.  Ideas languish to the point that the magic of the eureka moment in thrashed on the rocks of meetings and what if this happens.
The speed of change on the web demands that we move, measure and iterate.  Sure, ship good stuff that isn’t broken but don’t wait until its perfect.  Put the button in, launch with minimal viability and iterate from there.  Remember the web isn’t a store with a box.  Its living, breathing and changeable. It can be tough to get your brain around it but those who wait are doomed.

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