Three Big Ideas You Needed to know about Yesterday!

The web moves fast.  News flows in torrents. Trying to keep up is impossible and will cause you to have a blinking twitch in one eye (which I have already)
If you aren’t a news feed hound, twitter junkie, I have gracefully boiled down the next three things you need to know thematically about the web.  (In no order of importance, because they are all important)

– News curation.
In the old days Walter Kronkite, Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw set the agenda for what was news.  We accepted that and by in large we felt like they did a good job.  Then we went 24-hour with CNN and that was fair as well.  Then web 1.0 and competition happened. FoxNews went right, MSNBC went left and we all started comsuming the news we wanted. News that fit our personalities.  Now, we’re screwed! There is no national agenda and we can’t meet on any issues. 
The next wave of news is curating the noise and finding the new agenda.  The company that can do this right will win.

– Game-based initiatives or Gamification. 
We’re seeing scoring systems applied to everything now.  Beginning with frequent flyer miles and on to Foursquare check-ins we’re seeing the beginning of life as a game.  Right now, things are fractured. There are lots of players trying to crack the gamify puzzle and we’re seeing things happen on a per site basis. 
The winner of this space will create a scalled mega leader board. It will be a web wide world of points, achievments and status but for everything.  Think of boyscout merit badges but multiplied by 500 million

– Data driven design in real time.
Marketers and bankers have been living with data for a long time.  In the last three years the quantification of gaming has occurred.  Facebook game developers are crunching data at scales no consumer applied item has ever seen.  This new data crunhing based design is going to spread out of the gaming world and into the web at large and perhaps even to connected devices.
We’re going to see sites and services beginning to be edited in real time in a reaction to the data that users are generating at that moment.

What do these trends mean to you?  For now it means just be aware of them.  Read a few blog posts on gamification, content curation and real time data.   If you do it now,  you’ll be ready when everone else catches up.

Trends that were considered: social commerece, microtransaction, Desktop power in your pocket – rise of genius phones.

I had to pick my three.  What are your three?

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