How to get ahead at work with just one step.

One of the billion great things about the web is the amount of REALLY smart people who simply give away their insight.  I have recently taken to reading the Harvard Business Review blog on a regular basis.  The other day I read this article on shaping perceptions of your work and it got me thinking about work and some of my co-workers.

Some people just do hard work and never say anything about it.  Some people do hard work and tell everyone about it all the time.  And some people do shit work and tell everyone how everyone else does shit work.

But I left one item out.  The way to get ahead at work with just on step is is to do hard work and tell everyone about everyone else’s hard work.  If you heap praise on others and continually tell others about how great their work is they will reciprocate the kind words.  Now,  its not some crazy pay it forward crappy Helen Hunt/Kevin Spacey movie,  its honest and transparent appreciation of things that others do well.  If you keep that focus,  you’ll always do well. 

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