The revolution will be televised

The internet of things is upon us! What does the internet of things mean? The internet of things refers to devices or appliances that are connected to the internet. 

We are in the infancy of this movement but the first device that will be interneted is your television.  Oh yeah sure this is nothing new and folks have been trying to bridge the internet and television for years. Finally however, bandwidth, technology, programming and desire are converging  to make the web and T V connect.
A few hurdles have been bridged:

Boxee,  Xbox Live, Apple TV and lastly Google TV are all devices or interfaces that address the unique problems that navigating the web on large television bring up.  

There is enough competition and in-fighting between the Telco’s that pandora’s box of web based content is being released.  The advent of Hulu showed that television programming is alive and well on the web.  The networks now have a way of making money while shirking the cable providers.  Cutting out the middle man has never felt so good.
The second component of desire is that consumers are expecting their favorite shows to be available online.  If they aren’t allowed to access it legally, they will find a way to get to it illegally.  If we learned anything about music,  we learned that digital will happen and you have to adjust or get killed.
The act of being on internet and watching television are getting closer together.  Folks watch TV with a laptop open or posting updates with their fancy phones.  The desire to share and the experience of watching television does not want to wait until tomorrow to talk about the show.  People want to talk about the show as it’s happening.  The connected television will allow for folks to talk about the show as it happens.  Twitter, Facebook and new companies like GetGlue are banking on these habits.

We’re here and everyone needs to get on board.  Expect conversations to be scrolling across a screen while you are watching a show,  with deals on the products appearing on the screen for products being displayed on the show.  
Wait until television shows are made with the digital experience in mind,  where links to share products are built right into the program you are watching.  Be ready. It’s coming.
Are you ready?  What are your thoughts?

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