Sorry folks, winning matters

I don’t have kids, nor do I play someone who has kids on TV.  With the time I have on my hands not having kids,  I get to read.  In my reading I run into a lot of stories about childrens competative sports being about playing the game and winning not mattering.  I think this is a mistake. 

Winning does matter and competing does matter.  In every realm of life we compete.  We compete for grades, we compete for affection and we compete for jobs.  We’re doing our children a disservice teaching then that the world is non-competative.  We’re likely in the most competative time period in US history and as Americans we’re teaching folks to be less competative at exactly the worst time.

Were are we competing that we didn’t have to in the past?

Political dominance with China
Production dominance with India and China
The Americas with Brazil
Moral high ground with the Middle East
Education with the world

The world long admired the US for our competativeness. We always were able to dominate our areas through our manical drive to be the best.  The world noticed and is beating us are the competative game.

Push your children to be creative, win and be American.  Arrogance has value.

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