Why you should tweet, post and share!

Twitter founder Evan Williams said yesterday that his biggest focus in creating products has been making publishing easy.  He did it once with and a second time with Twitter.  Its his belief that the more information and ease of which people can express beliefs and use their voice the better we all are.  Sure there are problems with everyone having a personal printing press but overall, its a good thing.

Here are my reasons I agree:

Eyes on the street
Put forward by Jane Jacobs in her seminal work “The Life and Death of American Cities” Jacobs felt that people looking out on the streets and watching made city streets safe.  Twitter does the same thing.  We’re all watching, we’re like Meercats letting our clan know danger is around the corner.

The revolution will be Tweeted.
No event large or small will ever go unnoticed again.  These first person accounts of events stored forever allow professional journalists a wealth of leads,  stories and sources that would never have exisited.

We are the gate keepers.
It used to be that experts and ad men were king makers.  Not anymore,  the voice of the thousands can now inform you on the products, events and entertainment information you need.  There has never been more information to make smart decisions than now.

Stars will shine!
The platforms are available and easy to use for the best people to have their voices heard.  The field has been flattenend. You don’t need an op-ed page in the New York Times to be influential.  You can reach the world, one tweet, one post or one video at a time.

We’re all bound more tightly
I’ve said this once and Ill it again.  The potential to keep your friends, all your friends you’ve ever had, is here.  For someone like me who hates calling and feels like he’s bothering people when he calls this is TREMENDOUS.  My tweets, updates and blog posts keep me close to all the friends I forgot I had.  I cherish each interaction with you all.  I feel like I know you all over again.  Keep sharing, I’M LISTENING. Our shared experiences bind us and I know at your core who you are,  I want to know what you know, I want to disagree with you.  My life-family now has a tool to stay connected for life.

So folks,  get on board get involved and have a good time!

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