Live Life Like You’re Dead inspired by Scripting News: Thanks for the memories.

I just read a post by Dave Winer, creator of RSS and maybe blogs themselves, regarding Thanksgiving. Its sweet, sentimental and smart. My great takeaway is to live life like you are dead. Sounds a little morbid but really it isn’t. It’s life affirming and freeing. What that means to me is being free of the burdens that being alive presents you Here are a few of my thoughts on living life like you’re dead:
You don’t worry about dying
You don’t worry what people think of you
You live without fear, well, because what’s the worse thing that could happen? You’re dead already.
You live life as though there is no tomorrow, because there isn’t, your dead.
You really feel life everyday because you appreciate being alive, remember, yesterday you were dead.

Click here to read Dave Winer’s original post on What else does living life like you’re dead do?

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