How to keep it REAL! (in a virtual world)

Have you ever thought about owning your online avatar?  How many gorgeous pieces of digital doohickeys would you love to actually own? 
For some of you I bet the answer is I want them all!  People are spending more and more time in virtual spaces and building up an unbelievable amount of digital stuff.  Stuff they feel ownership of.  In most cases when they tell their friends about their stuff, its abstract – they have nothing to show for it.  Their refrain is “Oh man, you have to play the game! Become my friend/join my guild/raiding party”  I’d like to see this change. 

We need to find ways to connect people digital worlds with real world things and vice versa. The interconnectivity of our virtual lives with our real lives has to be addressed. (I’m told Tron does this but I didn’t see it) 
Here are some ideas I have thought of: (some exist already)
Real models of your farm or virtual city
Real figures or dolls of your avatar
Real stickers or iron on badges of mayorilties/guru/stamps/badges
Real life pictorial representations of cartoon cities & farms (what does 90 horses actually look like?)
Scanning or taking pictures of household items and having them appear digitally in your favorite game.
Scanning your favorite outfit and having it appear on your avatar.
And more etc…

The idea here is to connect our two worlds. To extract and represent the time we spend it both worlds – to remove the distinction between my real life and virtual life and get to the fact that IT’S JUST LIFE 

What do you think? Are there any other cool ideas out there to blur the gaps between worlds? (no Second Life did not do this)

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