My super simple philosophy on life

When you get down what do you do?  Do you eat? Sleep?  Sit on the couch?  Me,  I tend to sit and marinate on my couch and order way too much Chinese food – in college I would have been called defeated. (Tony, Prastaro have seen this)   Avoiding personal defeat is one of the goals I set everyday.  Finding out what to do to avoid defeat is the challenge of each day.  

Over time I’ve been able to find what works for me and it’s SUPER simple. Ready?
DO SOMETHING!  The worst thing we can do is do NOTHING.  Just focus on one thing that you can do that day that you had been avoiding, or takes effort, even just that little thing can move you through your day and give you that sense of accomplishment.  
Some example of SINGLE things you can do that you may avoid.
–  Go outside (seriously)
– Exercise
– Learn something new.
– Clean.
– Start a new project you have been meaning to.
– Write in your blog (HOORAY!)
– Push yourself.
– Turn off the TV/Radio, sit in silence – see what happens.
– Call someone you’ve been meaning to call.

Do ONE THING! Anything.  Make change happen.  If you sit and wait for the magic to happen,  you will be waiting for a long time.  There is no magic that drives anything forward,  it’s you!  What is your ONE THING today?
PS. Just writing this post, that I had been dreading has lifted me up! I did my ONE THING – now I am going to do MORE ONE THINGS!

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