Things I want to know.

Do you have lingering questions that never go awat? Things that are on your mind that you just need the answers for?
I do.  A topic for a blog post requires work.  You need to read, scan the news and think about what you want to talk about.  Struggles for ideas can come and do come up.  Instead of wracking my brain I thought I’d share the questions that keep me up.
– How does Apple do it? They aren’t so different but they continually pound home profit.
– What is a great site design look like? And what sites employ those designs
– Twitter is weird.  Discuss.
– How many of my Facebook friends actually use Facebook daily. My guess is 50 out of 400.
– Will the Yankees implode when Jeter retires proving me wrong about his “leadership”?
– How can I make the site I work at better single handedly without knowing how to code?
– Will I get a new job or stay where I am? What would that mean?
– Does the universe expanding contribute to the obesity problem in the US.
– Will there be another World War in my lifetime? (please God no)
– Is the internet in the early stages of breaking up traditional nation states?
– If Al -Qaida can form a loose network of fundamentalist groups then why can’t a group of Workers Rights (neo-communist) groups form around the world?
– Who are the great leaders in the world right now? Is there a Churchill, Roosvelt, Lincoln, Deng Xiopeng living among us today?
– If I ran a professional baseball team would I destroy it?
– Why is the government in the business of public housing?
– Why is the government in the business of public schooling?
– If I ran my own business what would or should it be?
– Is there anywhere in the world worse than New Jersey?

What questions do you have? These are the ones I came up with on a 20 minute commute.

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