How I learned to love Google (and stop worrying about my privacy)

If you follow technology and internet business news over the last two years you might think that Google is a dying, sad company with no prospects.  The rise of Facebook, the curiosity that is Twitter and the continued brilliance of Apple has kept the spotlight on those three companies. They remain the must follow celebri-companies of the last half of the three years. However, Google is not to be written off and I’d like to celebrate what they do, do well.

– Google search is still freaking awesome.
Despite the rise of Bing and the emergence of Facebook and Twitter, Google’s search is still pretty amazing.  Is it perfect? No. Are there crazy results in there? Yes. Is it still much better than everyone else? YES! Do people realize they are indexing the whole internet! Jeez, cut em some slack. 

– Gmail is rad.
It works, its everywhere, there is minimal spam and synchs seamlessly. What other companies email can do this?  Hmm, maybe none.  Gmail is practically a platform in and of itself.  For some folks it’s their command center for the web.

– Android is the future and the future is now.
Google in just a few years created, distributed and iterated on an OS that may, may become the Windows of the next decade.  That’s no small task. Android while not as polished and even as Apple’s iOS is, its good enough and is growing at a rapid rate.  At the price of free it is likely to be the OS of the developing world’s cell phone future.  That’s kind of a big deal.

– YouTube, wait what? Google owns YouTube!
Oh yeah, that. The biggest video site with endless hours of entertaining cat videos is owned by Google.  It’s a big deal and still hasn’t reached its full potential. 

Most people who follow tech and web trends know these things but sometimes we need to be reminded of the amazing things that are happening in our world right now.  The pace of innovation is getting faster and faster with industries being gobbled up by the Zombie hoard that is the internet.

What technology are you appreciative of that you take for granted?


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