Make this game and you will be rich!

Do you have ideas in your mind that you are CERTAIN will work? On occasion we all do. My latest idea is to make a user-generated game that uses persons photos as game pieces, think Elf-Yourself Meets Bejeweled.

The pitch:
People love photos and love sharing them.  Photos are one of the core functions of any good social network and are still an expanding market (Instagram anyone?)  Couple photos with tried and true game mechanics, like match-3, collapse or bubble popping (Snood, Bouncing Balls) and you could have explosion of game sharing.

Here is how it would work:
1. You get to a form that asks you to upload three pictures (size irrelevant we’ll handle that)
2. Pick a game mechanic. Using visual representations pick one of the games mechanics. (Match 3, Collapse orBubble Pop)
3. Little wait time to make the magic happen.
4. Voila! Game pieces are replaced with the three images uploaded!  
5. Heavy promotion of sharing of the game to family and friends.

Why this will work:
The demographics of casual game players skew toward women 60/40. 
(Wikipedia will provides the facts
The demographics of sharing/social networking skew by almost the same ratio. 
(Just the facts)
People love pictures.
People love games.

How is this not going to work, I really want to know?

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