Are you a know it all? Quora is your chance to show off!

The biggest hot topic in the nerd news (i.e. tech news) is the rise of Quora.  Quora is a question and answer site that functions basically the way Yahoo Answers does (without sucking)  What’s made Quora so baddass so far is that the people using it are top notch experts (so far)  They have focused on moderation and qualified answers while adding tools to broadcast answers out via social networks and email. (Even if you don’t opt into them they broadcast out, sneaky) 

So far it’s been very cool to peruse. For me it feels like Twitter in the early days when the online presence specialists (Bloggers, Digital PR, Digital Marketers) dominated conversations.  
Right now Quora represents an opportunity for those who have been waiting on the sidelines.  If you missed the land rushes of other digital platforms, now is your chance to shine.
Here is what you should do:
– Get a Quora account.
– Read through the answers – find out what valuable answers look like
– Find topics you REALLY know about
– Start answering questions you have great expertise on.
– Make sure you focus on helpful relevant answers that are more than just, “I agree!”
– Don’t stop until your brain hurts
The beauty of the web is that it is constantly evolving and new opportunities come up in cycles of about three years. (Google 2001,Flickr & YouTube 2004, Facebook 2007, Quora 2010. I’m simplifying but you get my drift)  The opportunity to learn all your can, consume as much knowledge as you can then jump in to the next evolution is always on the horizon.  Get in there start answering!  We’re all experts on something,  now is your chance to show of.

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