“Insert current technology” is ruining our children! Find out how to prevent it.

How many posts or articles have you read like this?  The longer you keep your eye on technology the more likely you’ve read that headline.
From the telephone to radio on to the dreaded television and video games – new technology has raised the ire of those who grew up before it. 

  In a new book that is coming out, Alone Together by Sherry Turkle – social media is now coming under attack.  It’s inevitable that there would be a backlash, there always is.  Our internet evo/revolution is 20-25 years old and it is starting to take full hold of a generation.  A whole group of people have grown up in it; their whole life is online and connected. They in fact, know no other world. Naturally the group who came before it is petrified.  Social media is being blamed for the unholy destruction of personal interactions, its all encompassing 24-hours a day attention grabbingness and God forbid turning young people’s brains to mush. Does this sound familiar?

Sounds a lot like what my parents said about television or worse yet its evil twin, cable television!

Here’s the thing? The human brains ability to adapt to its current environment is without a doubt the most powerful tool in the known universe.  We can make calculations; we can read faces, process data, and type and chew gum all while walking! Our brains and culture will not be destroyed by the latest misunderstood technology.  New ideas and technology will be assimilated into our great and wonderful brains and we’ll find ways to live with those new paradigms. Oh sure, the brain chemistry and neurons firing will look different than prior generations which will cause researchers to say we’re doomed but that’s just our brains way of saying you don’t know shit about how I work. (To understand how little we know watch the wonderful Brain Series that Charlie Rose did)

Do I feel dumber than I did 15 years ago since I’ve been online? No. Do I feel less connected to my pals? No (I feel closer actually, keep posting!) Have faith in the human mind, it will surprise you! It always has and there is no reason to believe it won’t do it again.

 (That is until something new comes along and people my age don’t understand it and say it’s going to melt every young persons brain.)


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