I just made it! Why you should keep on posting.

I’ve been on a blogging streak of nearly 3 weeks taking a break on Sundays.  As I was sitting here listening to sports radio, I thought “Bah,  no one is reading anyway I can skip a day”  But I thought about my commitment to myself, my commitment to the handful of people that read the blog (Thank you all!)  and thought,  there is a lesson here.  

The lesson?  Keep on working!  Keep on working on the creative process.  Even when (like today) you don’t feel like you have that extra gear,  or you out of your normal routine (like me, worked from home and all posts are written on the train) you have to keep the process going. Show up,  or like my former P90X work out guru Tony Horton would say “Keep pressing play” (Tony, I can’t man, I’ll come back, I promise)  It’s not easy to show up everyday and bring something that you don’t have to do.  I don’t have to write these posts,  I don’t have to try and eat healthy,  none of us have to do anything.  If you want to drive yourself forward and achieve the things you want to you have to keep pushing.

I have spent a lot of the last year or so learning about creativity and innovation.  One of the themes of both those endeavors is doing the work. You can’t give in and say “It’s impossible!” You can’t say “I don’t have to do this”  and stop.  Its about working for a place of passion and compulsion to continue.  This blog is becoming that for me,  I am going to keep showing up and I want you all to help.

If you are a regular reader and it’s getting late in the day, say four or five PM ET,  send me an email,  mention me on Twitter or Facebook and remind me that I need to post.  If I keep showing up and you help me show up,  something very cool could happen here.

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