Dear Americans, you aren’t alone in the world

If you were born in the United States and educated in the US you probably don’t know as much about the rest of the world as you should.  Its not our fault! We were never taught world history.  We spent years in school going over what amounted to a pop-up coloring book worth of world history. 

What we all must remember, every culture, every country feels that their history and shared experiences are as important as the United States, if not more!

Two examples stand out that are in the news:

China is a country with vast rich history. Its spent time as the worlds great power.  China can lay claim to some of the great inventions of our time. (Gun powder, noodles, modern government) When you think of the Chinesse and their recent rise, you should remember that its people believe they are the best. That it is they who could rule the world.  Who the hell is the upstart US and its paltry 235 year history? China’s history as a power starts in BC!

Egypt is a country with possibly the greatest history of any nation in the world. Its not as though after Cleopatra reigned and they vanished from history! They have been a modern and important country for thousands of years! When we think about it shouldn’t be as some new nation or lumped in with the demeaning “Middle East” moniker, its Egypt! Land of the Pharoahs, the Pyramids and the INVENTORS of the concept of life after death! (Think the Christianity just pulled that out of the air?)

Wrapping up
Americans have a tendency to dimish other peoples history and legacy, to view other cultures as less than. Its a mistake. We need to acknowledge and respect these countries and view them with revrence, repect and give its people their dignity.  After all, in the history of the worlds countries, we’re really just a snot nosed teenager with a nice car who thinks he’s hot shit.

Do yourself a favor – read some history,  go on a trip abroad expand your mind.  Don’t be a typical ugly American.

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