Being completely moved – thoughts on Egypt.

I’ve been following the tumult of Egypt every evening for seven days now.  It has moved me in a profound way.  I am in awe of the courage being shown by every man and woman on the street.  I question my own ability to bring that kind of spirit and desire up in myself.

As people we should not take these events lightly. They do not occur that often in major countries.  In Egypt we are seeing a real, organic and grassroots uprising.  These are very rare. Revolts are lead by one group just below the ruling class seeking to take the top spot.  In Egypt this does not appear to be the case.  Sure, there are leaders on the ground and organizers who we haven’t heard of yet but these unknown people will be known soon.  Perhaps history will be kind to some of them and they will become the Lech Walesa, Vaclav Havel or Paul Revere for the 21st century?  On the flip side we may have the counter-revolutionaries who may come to prominance.  That is what makes all this so moving.  The unknown,  the fear, the excitement, the anticipation of what will come next.  Its unreal.

I’m completely taken a back by it all. I’ve never been a humanist outwardly, I think growing up in New York City stomped that out of me.  My historical tendencies are to crave order and rule of law.  For some reason I’m changing. The events in Egypt, the unending faith that change has to come at any cost have stuck an unusual cord.  What should be fantasy baseball research season for me is now upended.  I’m rivited, I’m rooting for the anti-Mubarark protestors.  I don’t care about what will happen to the Suez or Isreal, I just want to believe in the power of the mob. The mob is making change happen. 

If you have only been taking a cursory glance at the events in Egypt, stop and take the time to view the footage.  Read about individual Egyptians accounts – hear the voices of change (the real ones, not college kids texting “Yes, we can!) Watch the rock throwers, jerry-rigged helmet and shield makers. See what real change looks like. Its dirty, its scary, it’s violent, its chaotic, its anarchy and for this law and order craver, its wonderful.

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