Society for the Prevention of Isolation & General Malaise – Our first meeting.

Just had our first meeting of the Society for the Prevention of Isolation & General Malaise (SoPIG) It was a hit!  Inspired by 19th century clubs and societies that affected change in New York City I thought it would be a good idea to get my male friends together to have a man-meet up.  (If you didn’t get invited it was completely unintentional. I don’t have every one’s contacts) The societies name comes from my natural tendency to not reach out to friends, isolate myself and get a little sad…. It was great to see the boys, I drank entirely too much and did have some discussions that were interesting regarding the role of labor, capital and camels.  

The overarching goal isn’t really to prevent my isolation but to share ideas and thoughts on the world.  There is no amount of reading,  documentary watching or classes that you can take that can substitute for getting in a room,  having a few drinks and taking through things.  Do we have all the facts? No.  Do we always know exactly what we are talking about? God, no.  But there is great value in the airing out ones thinking and finding out what a friend feels about events in the world.  The opinions of friends are always going to hold more sway than that of a newspaper columnist or talking head.  Hearing real life anecdotes to back up stories and tales just makes the experience so smooth and enjoyable. While online social networks can give us more bonds to more people at higher speeds,  getting into a room with people shows the power of REAL social experiences.
Roll call for the first meeting of the Society for the Prevention of Isolation & General Malaise.
Laurent Courtines (Founder)
Bena Courtines
David Hessler
Anindya Chakraberti
Mike Munger
Lane Liston
Anthony Praestaro

Thank you all!

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