Back, back in the New York groove.

I’ve returned from a long road trip out west.  Spent five days in San Francisco and three in Los Angelos.  Great times catching up with lifelong friends. 

Here are a couple of quick observations:

– Winter in New York stinks.
I’m not one for downshifting into talks about the weather but… wow. San Francisco was nice, but Los Angelos was Awesome. Warm, sunny and full of promise.

– I have great friends that I don’t see nearly enough.
If you haven’t seen me, and want to, let me know! I want to see you.

– I love my wife more than ever.
Homesick after a few days missing my super, lovely wife.

– Games are great socializing vehicles.
Off-line games, board games and card games with friends are awesome.  Being together with people in a room playing trumps any online experience that has been created.

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