Ideas spreading: what I’m focused on

I wrote this post on the plane out west but for some reason (Stupid air travel policy of turning off devices) I didn’t post this.

All the nerd world is on its yearly trip to the Game Developers Conferernce out in San Francisco. Being part of the nerd herd I’m en route as well. While I’m out in SF at GDC there will be a handful of things I’m keeping my eye on.

– New trends in gaming
The social land grab has happened and now we’re into consoldating and seeing who still stands.

– Mobile phone stuff. Anything.
Nothing has changed day to day life more than the modern phone. I’d argue that no single piece of consumer technology has changed our lives more than our phones.

– The Arab world.
Libya appears ready to fall and who knows what will happen afterwards.  It feels as though the internet has a target and it is dictators.  As information spreads, the disgruntled congregates. I can’t wait to see what happens.

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