What do you do? Spell things out so folks know your value.

I have a hard time coming up with the elevator pitch of what I do.  Some folks have descriptive or no-duh job titles – head of marketing, editor in chief or data base manager etc.  Those people are lucky. Their jobs are self-explainatory and clear.  Me on the other hand? I do a lot of different things. Here is the list of what I’ve done in my career:
– Community manager
– Customer service manager
– Search Engine Optimization
– Social media strategy & manager
– Analytics
– Marketing lead
– Content manager
– Product development
– Game producer
– Blogger
– Front end developer
and more!

Whenever a need arises, I jump in.  Its my nature. I never ever say “not my job.” Strangely enough, this is not valued.  I think the reason is people want easy answers and immediately want to put people in boxes so they understand them.  The fact is, I could be hired to do any of the jobs listed above. 

Don’t companies just want smart people, who can think, see needs and help their businesses?

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