Frustration with buy-in from your boss – missed opportunity


Between my co-workers and I we have over 30 years experience in the interactive game industry. Some of us on the editorial side, some on the production side and all of us on the player side.
Over the nearly five years we’ve been together we’ve identified and outlined a strategy to compete in every major gaming trend that has arisen. From adding game-mechanics to a sites experience to the rise of mobile game play and the ascention of Facebook gaming; we saw it all coming. 
Sadly, does not have much to show for all our knowledge.  At every turn there was a roadblock or prior strategy that had to be excecuted.  As a group we were never able to move the ship when the ship needed to move.  Sure, we moved in those directions later but it was nearly always too late, too haphazard or not forceful enough.
The main obstacle for us was our leadership. We never were able to forceably make our bosses understand the magnatude of the opportunities. Because of their lack of vision, fear or conservative natures, both of our superiors are no longer with the company.
The lesson here is to push through your beliefs and vision at all costs. Here are the extreme options you have to convince your boss that your idea is the right one.

  •   throw a tantrum.
  •   stage a walk out until they understand.
  •   go on a hunger strike.
  •   like a dog, rub your bosses nose it, until they learn.
  •   take it to the media.
  •   build it on your own and ignore the chain of command.
  •   stage an office coup and take over the division.
  •   make deck after deck with idea after idea trying to convince them while never getting through to them.
  •   sabotage your site, hoping that breaking the current site will force their hand to make a new, better experience.

What other extreme tactics can we use to get buy-in?

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