How big is the internet again? Oh wait it’s big.


Every strategy I hear is Facebook this,  Twitter that or location based this and app whatever.  The fact is the internet is still the biggest,  best and most available distribution platform we have.  These new platforms have promise but none have the maturity, wealth of collective knowledge workers or history of success that the web does. 

We tend to forget what has got us here.  It’s still the PC/MAC and a browser.  That is still true.  Most apps run off http,  Facebook is in a browser and  Twitter is a web based.  Yes, the these new sites and apps have changed the way we amplify our messages, but they fundamentally are extensions of the web.

Before we declare anything dead,  unimportant or without merit,  we have to remember where we’ve come from and where we can still go.  
My advice to anyone starting in technology business?  Start with http, it can still be mobile,  it can still be cool and it can still be on the web.

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