Trends I’m Seeing – Things to think about

Just a quick note more and hopefully a conversation starter that we can all discuss.

– We're in a post-web world, web being browser based on a laptop or desktop, (and that's a mistake)
– Pocket computers (aka mobile phones) are a huge deal, the impact of which we are downplaying. (even with all the hype)
– Our government is in for massive disruption but only if the People really demand it. (and that means real protests)
– The idea of privacy is so far gone that we should almost act as though it doesn't exist. (Because it doesn't)
– The next big thing is unknown and is always unknown, we must start thinking this way,
– The industrial age is over – we're really just beginning to understand what that means.
– The traditional American Dream is being redefined. It no longer can be, steady white collar job, house in the suburbs, kids in college will do better than me.  It must be something else.
– People born between 1970 and 1980 and over have a HUGE responsibility to define for older generations what younger generations already know.  We're the transitional group, we must explain the current era to older folks.
– It no longer what you know,  it's about how fast you can learn new things.
– Adaptability is new key skill
– Innovation is an overused word that is misunderstood.  Innovation means destruction. Be ready.

What other trends are you seeing?  Got any?  Lets get a list going.

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By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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