2nd Wedding Anniversay – What I am learning from my wife

Today I celebrate the best and most important decision in my life.  Two years ago Lisa Graves, became Lisa Graves Courtines, my gorgeous wife.  Before you get spooked, I’m not going gush lovingly in a public post, Lisa knows how important she is to me.  I want to extoll all the great things that I have learned from my wife and am continually trying to get better at.  I strongly believe that if I can become more like Lisa, I’ll be a much better man.

What I learned from my wife:

Give thanks and praise

– Lisa appreciates every one of her friends and co-workers publically and authentically.  She gives gratitude to others effortlessly.


Gets things done

– She does not believe in putting things off.  She has her trusty notepad (or Google Calendar) and goes down the list.  Nothing that is important is put off.  Her motto, “I don’t want to think about this tomorrow, so let’s get it done”


Follows her passions

– Lisa is a great production artist and can work in a pre-press environment with her eyes closed. She had mastered it.  Feeling confident and curious about digital photo retouching, she made a complete pivot of her career. She took the classes, did the work and became a professional digital photo retoucher in less than a year. She’s now a Photoshop expert and never stops trying to learn new tricks of the trade.  I am in awe of her. It was and is unbelievable to have seen the transformation.  She took her passion and made a new career out of it. How many people actually do that? Simply awesome.


Never stops working to improve

– She does not accept that she knows everything. Always pushing at the edges, my wife continues to press the issue when it comes to new things.  She is into energy work so she learned reiki. She found kindred spirits in certain types of books and read them all. She searches in herself and is in a constant state of self-improvement and discovery.  I have very little doubt that as an older woman she will be incredibly wise.


Deep understanding of communication and forgiveness

– If you ever meet my wife you will notice this immediately. She listens intently, cares what you have to say and has empathy for your emotions.  She doesn’t hold things in. If something is on her mind, she’ll let you know.  There is no going to bed angry.  She’ll accept apologies and will apologize if she is in the wrong. (She’s never wrong) Those skills and powers of communication are what make a great partner, friend, wife and marriage.


Thanks for the best two years of my life!



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