Your status and why it matters.


For the digirati, the status update is the building block of a persons relationship with friends.  It is how they know what each other are doing online or on the go via mobile phone. 
The status update is the building block of conversation.  All the bits, bobs, digibits and nuggets make up the fabric of the new relationship.  Without all those little pieces of information, the digital people would have a hard time having points of reference to talk about. 

Today I saw a friend (Jon, I need ya) for the first time in five years.  We’re close so we had enough to talk about but what was interesting was that he knew what had been going on in my life much more than I knew about his.  He had the advantage of my updates.  He’s on the networks but doesn’t share much.  He admitted to me that he felt like he just didn’t have much to say.  I disagreed!  I wanted his mundane updates, I wanted to hear about the traffic to the Dodger game or that he wasn’t so into fixing cars any more. Without him sharing there was a one way flow of information.

If you are like my friend and don’t think your updates are imporant think again.  Updates

  • – provide day to day stories about your life
  • – let folks know you are ok.  And strangely that you are thinking of them (weird but seeing folks post brings closeness)
  • – allows for a conversation to start anytime you feel the need.  There isn’t that barrier of entry of picking up the phone.
  • – weaves a fabric of your life that your friends want to know about.

Am I crazy? Am I off?  Let me know.

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By Laurent Courtines

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