So what is my new job? (And my first day at work)

After five years at AOL, I’ve moved on to Oberon Media as a product manager.  I’m still working in digital games, but more focused on the download game space.   It’s going to be a challenge but I’m up for it!

Why Oberon?  Since October of 2010 I’ve had my ear to the ground on leaving AOL.  There had just been too much turmoil, too much change and as they say “there was a new sheriff in town”. The new sheriff wasn’t interested, nor did he believe in the team he inherited and made it known by his actions. 

Oberon impressed me with passionate people who had a plan for what they wanted to do.  I cannot tell you how valuable it is to work at a place with direction.  Everyone I interviewed with was honest, discussed the problems Oberon has face and to a person, relayed the same message.  That consistency in voice and clarity in focus made accepting the job at Oberon easy.  Give me a place that knows what it wants to be and do any day of the week.

I interviewed at agencies for social media specific jobs and while I didn’t get any of those jobs, I learned a ton from the process.  I learned that I was being too narrow in my search and that I had more value than just being a social media flavor of the month hire. I knew product and specifically games product. 

Interviewing has so much value for what you can learn. You learn about expectations of knowledge, what you know and forces you to examine what your own expertise is.  While in the interview process I got a real handle on what I was professionally. Go on interviews!  It’s actually fun and a great learning experience. 

The first day of work is always a shock.  Everything is different.  All your comforts are gone and your brain is in hyper-activity mode.  You’re just trying to process everything all at once.  From setting up your desk, to finding the coffee machine and locating the bathroom, the first day at work is exhausting….


I know no one wants to read this much… ask me questions about my new job in the comments.

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By Laurent Courtines

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