Quick hits returns. Thoughts on new jobs, the ER and my awesome wife.

Quick hits are back! So I only did it once, its my blog, I do what I want.

First full week of work at Oberon Media
So far so good.  Lots to learn, lots to digest, head spinning but less and less so everyday.  I’m very impressed with my new co-workers.  They are smart, with it and know the space.  There appears to be some of the old AOL feeling of being a little beaten down, but not too much.  Looking forward to making great products!

First visit to the emergency room
Yesterday morning I woke up with a pain that morphed very quickly into a severe pain.  My wife jumped to action.  Got us to a cab, to the right emergency room (not Elmhurst Hospital or Jamaica) in Mt. Sinai of Queens in Astoria and my pain settled pretty quickly with a dose of morphine.  Turns out I have a kidney stone.  I was hoping to avoid my family ailment, but alas I could not.  My father, sister and brother have all had stones. (My dad, more than one, poor bastard).
I could not have had a better experience at Mt. Sinai Queens. They were attentive, understanding and capable.  Fairly impressed with the results. Plus, I worked with one of clerks years earlier, who helped extridite things.

Sweet ass Queens
We’re a week into our new home and all the boxes have been emptied!  Now comes the tough part of finding where the hell we put everything!  There are still minor things to fix (anyone good with a single stem faucet replacement? I had a helluva time). The only issue so far is my commute is a bit longer than expected.  From Forest Hills to Battery Park City is 55 minutes on the train with an added 15 minutes of walking to and from the subway.  Hopefully Oberon will be moving soon and I can get 20 minutes back. 

An ode to my wife. 
I am so thankful she was there to save the day for me in my most urgent moment with my stone. She stayed level headed, focused and in charge.  Even though I was wimpering and writhing in pain, she stayed strong and never made it about her or her anxiety. (Which I might do). In that two hour window of my pain, there was a lot of fear in the room and she showed tremendous courage.  I could not be prouder or more in love with my wife.

If you have anything you want to know my thoughts on feel free to shout them out.  I’ve got a lot to say!

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