Feeling bothered by all the 9/11 memorial coverage? Me too.

I’m really not an unfeeling douche bag, I’m really not. People lost
their lives, families will never get those people back. I get it.
It’s very, very sad and I don’t intend any malice or negativity toward

What bothers me is the over the top sentimentality. It’s offensive.
It’s too much. We get it it. It was a horror, it was terrible. Do you
think the people whose lives were affected want
phony-manipulated-over-the-top-grandstanding-dis-ingenuousness? I’m
pretty sure they don’t. I’m guessing they simply want to think of
their loved ones, cry and reflect.

Do people really want sledgehammer absurdist wall to wall coverage of
the death of their loved ones? I can’t imagine they do.

Here are some things that I’ve been thinking about on the ten year anniversary.
1. The attacks signaled the beginning of the end of United States excellence.
2. The attacks marked the moment the United States left the
international community.
3. The attacks marked the beginning of ramp up to a war with Iraq
4. The attacks gave a small group of ideologues the power to shape
the United States for a decade.
5. The attacks caused an over reaction of the Federal Reserve to free
up credit and cause our run up to the 2008 collapse.
6. The attacks cost United States it’s focus on the new century. We
focused on war rather than the technological transition.
7. In the name of fighting for freedom, we live in far, far less
free society. (See flying, privacy, opportunity)
8. In the name of those lost in the attack we extracted our pound of
flesh from the Iraqi and Afghanistani people.
Does it feel better? Did it bring anyone back? Was it worth
squandering a decade of possible prosperity?
9. The attacks began a period of United States reactionary action
instead of world leadership.
10. What should have been a rallying towards the United States we
drove the world away from us.

Please,please remember that this is not a personal attack or dismissal
of anyone’s feelings towards what happened. It’s merely my feelings.
What I feel, what affects my heart and soul.
I hate what has happened, and I hate the fall out of what came to be
in the name of an attack on my home town.

I am ashamed at the goodwill we squandered in the name of United
States honor and the lives lost.Originally appeared from

By Laurent Courtines

I'm here and I am ready to go. Been doing my homework and I have things to say.

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