Getting peaceful to get awesome


Three months ago I moved to Forest Hills, Queens and everything
changed. For a Manhattan born and raised person, this is a shock.
Forest Hills for me, is essentially the country for normal people.
Here’s the thing? I needed to go.

While we’re not always aware of what we need, sometimes we’re able to
realize it after the fact. Living in Manhattan, on the street I grew
up on held me back. I would never be more than what I am by staying
where I was. We need change, challenge and pushing to develop.
Moving provides those challenges and getting into uncomfortable
situations pushes us forward.
My dear friend Jon seems to have always known that. He puts himself
in impossible situations, on the brink financial catastrophe or mental
disaster and finally come out on the other side more radical than

I needed Queens to get into a more relaxed and capable place. My
weakness is that I have no systems in place to relax. I simply
function with a constant low level of stress, pressure, anxiety or
whatever you want to call it. Staying in El Barrio was not helping.
So moving has been the best thing. I’m here sitting in a garden and blogging…. that sounds like a
system for relaxing?

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