Having Steve Jobs as hero is a mistake

I know, I know I’m an asshole… How could I possibly say that having Steve Jobs, the greatest entrepeneur of the 21st century, as a hero is a mistake?  One word: perfection.
Steve Jobs is the patron saint of all the perfectionists.  He is venerated for his never give in, make it perfect, do it over ideals.  Those who compromised his vision were dispatched, vanquished and left for dead.  We all want to have our great ideas excecuted with Jobsian vision.
Here is the problem, perfection is the enemy of excecution.  If you try and actually drive people to perfection, you will 1. Not have many friends, 2. Be disappointed all the time.  Perfection does not exist.  Not for Apple products, not for life and not in work.
If you try and hold up the perfectionist virture of Steve Jobs, nothing will ever satisfy you, nothing will ever see the light of day and it will still not be perfect.

Things that can never be perfect:
Your marrige
Your kids
Your personality
Your parents
Your siblings
Your power point presentation
A painting
A story you are writing
How you treat people
Your clothes
Your physique
Your weight
How you are doing at work

Be good to yourself, stop trying for perfect.

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