Brooklyn: Hype verses reality

Dear new jack Brooklyn folks…  STFU already! (look up stfu, or focus on the FU) Its over.  I went to high school in Brooklyn, lived in Brooklyn and have taken my pants off in a bar in Brooklyn.  I get the place. However its is not, will not nor will every be "The City"

The hype:
Its cool
More community
Nicer people
More authentic
Less corporate

The reality:
Its everything you hated about Manhattan, except more pretention because its still fucking Brooklyn.

The fact is what made Brooklyn great was the authenticity of the people who lived there before you got there.  From the Irish working class of Park Slope to the very Italians of Carroll Gardens or the soulful Fort Greene and Bed-Stuy, their culture permiates the borough. Its their honesty of living that makes you feel Brooklyn-y. These very people who created those communities and have slowly but surely been displaced are what made Brooklyn. Can the new jacka replace 100 years of culture? Not likely.

PS.  I am a provential "uptown" kid from Manhattan. Do with this post what you please.

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By Laurent Courtines

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