The next run on the web is about to begin

Facebook is at it again! This time, the are taking their platform play to mobile.  Facebook recently relaunched their mobile experience as an HTML5 based rich functionality website.

Why this matters?
For the first time (ok not first, but its more dramatic), a major web player is transferring the deep functionality one expects from the desktop web to mobile. This means apps on Facebook will now work on mobile. (at least in theory) This means the way you navigate via mobile will begin to mimic the full browser. We are moving towards more unified experience.

Business impacts
Anything that is on the web helps the established web companies.and supports existing infrastructure. The Googles and Amazons of the world love when things stay on the web.  Anything open, hurts Apple.  Web native apps allow anyone to avoid Apples app store and tax (Apple gets 30% of all app store purchases) and draconian app store approval process.

A new user land grab
Mobile game developers are likely going to flock to the new platform.  Any HTML5 game that jumps on board will likely have free, new eyeballs to check out their game. Facebook is using the same playbook it used on the web to grow its mobile experience – open platforms and free viral marketing.

Get ready folks, we’re in for another wild ride, not for a run to Facebook or Apple but for a run from the desktop web, to the mobile web.

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By Laurent Courtines

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