Why are Online Game Sites Always Just The Same Old Playable Games?

I read a blog post about content curation problem of the web that referred to W.S.Burrough's Cut Up Technique and that led me down a path of questioning why all flash game sites only have games? 

 It would seem to me that the joy of playing quick hit little flash games could be mixed up with the internet memes of BuzzFeed or the image remixing of Moot's  Where utter absurdity of content in flash games being chopped up,  split up and made into something new?

Wouldn't it be great if I could mix Angry Birds with Charlie Sheen's head?  Or put LOLCats into a hidden object game?  I wonder if there isn't some great product that can take the fun and wonderful world of flash games and mix it with the creativity and hilarity of internet memes and internet image mixing.

This of course takes me back to,  where the hell is the Tumblr Site with Flash games on it! After all,  there has never been a great platform that didn't have games built into it at some point.

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By Laurent Courtines

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