Two important books I think you should read

No, not Steve Jobs biography! If we think of human beings being measured on a bell-curve of intelligence, most of us are in the middle. Steve Jobs is on the far end of exceptional.  Trying to emulate him?  Is likely going to be futile.  However,  we can learn and read about what he did intuitively in two wonderful books.

Both books are covering the same thing – the fact that innovation andchange in companies need to work under different processes than an existing business.  Existing business and business practices work in a word of known markets and sustaining business.  New business or unknown markets work in a world where those rules and processes do not apply.  
I’ll never be able to do justice to either book.  Instead I heartily recommend both books for anyone who 1.  Wants to know how real, new markets for products get built 2.  Understand why perfectly sound companies fail to see there own doom.
Read them both.  It’s worth it.

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